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For a romantic dinner

Inviting your boyfriend or boyfriend at home for dinner is always an opportunity full of enthusiasm and passion. Even those who live together for years can take advantage of an anniversary or another special opportunity to set the table in a romantic way. Here you can indulge yourself by going on the exaltation of the formality (therefore double dishes, glass for water and glass of wine, etc.), but also a more minimal solution but no less intriguing. What should not be missing are the candles, flowers and fittings (napkins, tablecloths, etc.) red. These small tricks will allow you to create the right atmosphere.

For a lunch or dinner with children

children, even if small, appreciate the news and a lot can be indulged in this sense when it comes to setting the table. The first element to consider are the colors: the better the better. They represent the liveliness and the beauty of being together. For a lunch or dinner in the family, but also for birthday parties with classmates and friends, the advice is to arrange a beautiful colored tablecloth (perhaps those of paper or plasticized) and arrange dishes, glasses and napkins in simple and tidy way. A very nice idea can be to create placeholders, both to indicate the arrangement at the table, but to be used also as a memory and gift for this day of celebration.

For an outdoor meal

when the summer arrives there is immediately wanting to open the wooden table and set up the balcony, the garden or the terrace for a lunch or dinner with friends. For these occasions it is useful to focus on simplicity and essentiality, being careful to enhance the fresh climate of spring and summer. It is therefore useful to choose floral decorations to be placed at the center of the table and orient yourself towards colored plates and cutlery. A very appreciated advice for these occasions is to use American placemats; They give that touch of practicality and intimacy without sacrificing taste and style.


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